The list of works:

1. Modernization of automobile and wagon scales

2. Repair of the mechanical part of the balance (platform, drums, strings, etc.)

3. Diagnostics and repair of electronic parts of scales. (load cells, indicator unit, cable routes)

4. Replacement of the indicator unit with subsequent calibration and delivery of the balance in verification.

5. Replacement of strain gauges of nodes of an installation on automobile, carload and other types of scales.

6. Repair with a complete replacement of strain gauges and indicator unit, with the provision of operational documentation for scales. Warranty for repaired scales 3 years.

7. Dismantling and installation of scales at a new installation site. Weighing the scales.

8. Installation of additional equipment at points of weighing transport:

  • a. Traffic lights, barriers, additional illumination lights and transport position sensors.
  • b. Remote display.
  • c. Remote user terminals.
  • d. Video surveillance camera. At the request of the customer modules of automatic recognition of transport numbers can be installed.
  • e. Readers of magnetic cards and systems of remote radio identification of transport.

9. Software installation of the company "SCALES STORE" , which supports work with all types of the above equipment. At the request of the customer can be supplied:

standard program for automating weighing transport

software modules (drivers) for direct use of equipment in

dispensers and weighing lines. It is possible to completely replace the automation (on a new element base) and install the line management software.